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Chico et Rita
(Chico y Rita)

by Fernando TRUEBA, Javier MARISCAL & Tono ERRANDO


Cuba, 1948. Chico, a young and talented piano player, listens to the latest jazz pieces from America, dreaming that he’ll make his name there. Rita lives off her charms and sings in clubs and at local dances. Their mad love affair, fuelled by their shared passion for music, takes us to Havana, a warm and vibrant city but corrupted by tourism from the States, then on to New York, fascinating but fake… The hand drawings inspired by archival photos of the city and the animation of the characters, based on real actors make Chico & Rita a film that is “furiously sensual, where music awakens the world, infuses it with rhythm and sets passions free” (Critikat). A tribute to the golden age of jazz, to musical comedy and Hollywoodian melodrama. MFM

  • Titre français
    Chico et Rita
  • Original title
    Chico y Rita
  • Scénario
    Fernando TRUEBA et Ignacio MARTÍNEZ DE PISÓN
  • Photo
    Directeur de l'animation : Manolo GALIANA, Directeur artistique :Pedrín E. MARISCAL
  • Montage
    Arnau QUILES
  • Musique
    Bebo VALDÉS
  • Interprétation
    Bebo VALDÉS, Idania VALDÉS, Estrella MORENTE, Freddy COLE
  • Production
    Fernando Trueba PC, Estudio Mariscal, Magic Light Pictures
  • Distribution
    Studio 37 / Rezo Films :
  • Support de projection
  • Sous-titrage

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