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Video in five mouvements

by Akram ZAATARI

video in 5 mouvements

In 1997, the Arab Foundation for the Image was founded in Beirut with the goal of seeking out, collecting, preserving and promoting through exhibitions the    endangered photographic heritage of the Arab world. Akram Zaatari is one of the founder members of the organization along with other artists and photographers such as Walid Raad, Fouad El Koury and Samer Mohdad. Since 1999, he has taken  a close interest in the important archive put together by the photographer Hashem  El Madani, owner of the Studio Scheherazade in Saida, the town where the  filmmaker was born. Five Movements presents us with a work on the film material shot by the El Madani family on Super 8 at the end of 1963 and in early 1970. The  film gives itself the simple mission of exposing, in other words submitting to our gaze, a collection of apparently banal tourist scenes and placing them in a new light. What do we see, what do we recognize and what do we project onto these images of which we are now the observers and unexpected viewers?

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    Video in five mouvements

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