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Calabacitas tiernas
(Calabacitas tiernas)

by Gilberto Martinez SOLARES

Tin Tan is about to commit suicide at the bottom of an age-old tree because no one ivill give him the opportunity to make bis début as a musician. He fires his pistol but fails to kill himself. A man falls down from the tree.He looks dead. Frightened, Tin Tan runs away but is hit by a car driven by Nelly and Reyes. They take him to a big house where he is looked after by Lupe, the pretty maid. Tin Tan pretends to have lost his memory. Reyes, actually the rich cabaret owner who is going bankrupt does think Tin Tan is a millionaire and sees in him the solution to his problems. Tin Tan hires international vedettes and goes into big debts to put together the show he bas always dreamt of. All the actresses fight each other for his love but only Lupe, really in love with him, ends up winning. Tin Tan finds Reyes’s cheque book and starts writing cheques that bounce. As the cabaret is opened, Tin Tan is taken to the police station where he confesses his “tree murder” and is sent to prison. But his “victim” is a man with suicidai tendencies whose life Tin Tan actually saved and who is quite happy to pay all of his debts as a reward.

  • Titre français
    Calabacitas tiernas
  • Original title
    Calabacitas tiernas
  • Titre international
    Calabacitas tiernas
  • Scénario
    Eduardo Ugarte, Gilberto Martinez Solares
  • Photo
    Agustin Martinez Solares
  • Montage
    Jorge Bustos
  • Musique
    Rosalio Ramirez, Federico Ruiz, Tin Tan
  • Interprétation
    German Valdés Tin Tan, Rosita Quintana, Amalia Aguilar, Marcelo Chavez Marcelo, Rosina Pagan, Nelly Montiel, Jorge Reyes, Gloria Alonso
  • Production
    CLASA Films Mundiales

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