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Day After Day
(Yom Yom)

by Amos GITAI

Haifa. Moshe, 40 and hypochondriac, works in the family bakery. His marriage with Didi is not too good and he has an affair with Grisha. With Jules, his childhood friend, he shares a chaotic life, an absessive fear of death and all their secrets, yet Moshe does not know that they also share the same woman. His mother, a practising Jew, wants to put her life in order. Like many comic heroes, Moshe’s main problem is how to survive. His mother mother calls Moshe, his father Moussa and other people Mosh… It’s not surprising he sometimes wonders who he is and where he is going.
Yom Yom (in Hebrew: «Day after Day») is the second part of a trilogy (Devarim is the first part and was shown at the 1997 Festival) which is a look at three major cities — Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem. The film is a series of mirrors in which we can see the reality of today’s Israel.

  • Titre français
    Yom Yom
  • Original title
    Yom Yom
  • Titre international
    Day After Day
  • Scénario
    Amos Gitaï, Jacky Cukier
  • Photo
    Renato Berta
  • Montage
    Nili Richter, Ruben Korenfeld
  • Son
    Michel Kharat
  • Musique
    Philippe Eidel, Josef Bardanshvilly
  • Interprétation
    Moshé Ivgi, Hanna Maron, Yussuf Abouwarda, Dalit Kahan, Juliano Merr, Anne Petit-Lagrange, Nathalie Atia, Ghassam Abbas, Samuel Calderon, Keren Mor
  • Production
    Agav Films, en association avec MP Productions, Mikado films, Cinema Factory, Intereurop, Canal +, La Sept-Arte, Rai Due, Telad.
  • Support de projection
    35 mm
  • Sous-titrage

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