Compétition internationale
46th edition
NOVEMBER 15>23, 2024, Nantes - France

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(Al Youm)

by Akram ZAATARI


Today, it is raining in Beirut. The trafic seems a little lighter than usual, as if contained by the mixity of the images. Photos, video recordings, places, names, languages, words, writings, speech, multiple materials… Another territory extending beyond the city becomes clearer and the trafic starts to how differently, in a more fragmented manner, less sure of its trajectory, more uneasy about the layout of the city. Using its intermingled tales, Today avoids all historical interpretation to allow a measurable violence in the deregulation of the regional and inner geography to rise up from a succession of accidents, anomalies, facts and confrontations with no apparent connection. Presences from the past in the images and sound, along with the technical modernity of their storage, visibility and circulation, a rainy day subjected to the work of signs. Of what territories are we truly made up? JB

  • Titre français
  • Original title
    Al Youm
  • Photo
    Akram Zaatari
  • Montage
    Elias Chahine, The Post Office
  • Son
    Carol Issa, The Post Office
  • Musique
    Carol Issa
  • Production
    Musée Nicéphore Niepce, Musée Nicéphore Nièpce, Ville de Chalon-sur-Saône
  • Support de projection

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