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Ana and the Others
(Ana y los otros)

by Celina MURGA


Ana, a young woman, lives in Buenos Aires but travels to her home town, Paraná, after an absence of several years. When she arrives, she buys a local newspaper and sees a photograph taken by an old love of hers. From that moment, she starts looking for him and embarks upon an intimate search through a melancholic but happy journey back to her childhood.

  • Titre français
    Ana et les autres
  • Original title
    Ana y los otros
  • Titre international
    Ana and the Others
  • Scénario
    Celina Murga
  • Photo
    Marcelo Lavintman
  • Montage
    Martin Mainoli
  • Son
    Federico Billordo
  • Interprétation
    Camila Toker, Ignacio Uslenghi, Juan Cruz Diaz La Barba, Natacha Massera

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