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In the Sacred Shade of the Trees
(A l'ombre sacrée des arbres)

by Fitouri BELHIBA

a l'ombre

A North-South dialogue between a Tunisian film-maker and a French ethnologist and writer about five symbolic trees of southern Tunisia: the olive tree, the fig tree, the palm tree and the ghardga. This is a travelogue through landscapes, working periods, festive occasions, meetings with the keepers of knowledge and tastes, including stopovers with story-tellers, healers, fine food experts and musicians. A tribute to trees to promote respect for their surroundings.

  • Titre français
    A l’ombre sacrée des arbres
  • Original title
    A l'ombre sacrée des arbres
  • Titre international
    In the Sacred Shade of the Trees
  • Scénario
    Fitouri Belhiba, Jean-Yves Loude
  • Photo
    Fitouri Belhiba
  • Montage
    Stéphanie Schories
  • Son
    Olivier Drouot
  • Musique
    Hugues de Courson, Ahmed Al-Maghreby
  • Interprétation
    Abderazak Safi, Mabrouk el Hamdi, Mohamed El-Koutheiri, Chaala Chtioui, Jean-Yves Loude, Nasser Jlidi

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