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In Search' of My Wife's Husband
(Abkath Ghan Jawh Imraathi)

by Mohamed Abderrahman TAZI

In the city of Fes, Hadj Ahmed Ben Moussa, a rich jeweller, seems to be handling
harmonious relationships between bis three wives. His third wife, the mischievous
Houda, has already been repudiated twice by her own husband. Following a new
incident, he is led to repudiate her a third time and forces her to leave his house. But her husband, HadjAhmedBen Moussa, regrets his décision and goes to the judge for advice.
The judge tells him what he already knew : a wife who was repudiated three times cannot be taken back by her husband, unless she is married to another husband. After the other wives ask for her opinion, Houda agrees to Hadj Ahmed Ben Moussa’s search for a temporary husband who would unable him to have his repudiated wife back…

  • Titre français
    À la recherche du mari de ma femme
  • Original title
    Abkath Ghan Jawh Imraathi
  • Titre international
    In Search' of My Wife's Husband
  • Scénario
    Mohamed Abderrahman Tazi
  • Photo
    Federico Ribes
  • Montage
    Kahena Attia
  • Son
    Christian Baldos, Thierry Ferreux
  • Interprétation
    Bachir Skirej, Mouna Fettou, Naïma Lemcherki, Amina Rachid, Fatima Moustaïd, Lalla Mamma, Mohamed Afifi, Ahmed Taïb Lalj, Abderrahim Bargach, Mehdi Kotbi, Fatima Mernissi
  • Production
    Mohamed Abderrahman Tazi
  • Directeur de production
    Mohamed Abderrahman Tazi
  • Support de projection
    35 mm

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