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Melvin Van Peebles, a free man's race

25 September 2021 Programme
Van Peebles_1998
1998 Melvin VAN PEEBLES
Van Peebles et JIA Zhang-Ke_1998
1998 Melvin VAN PEEBLES et JIA Zhang-Ke
1998 - Hous Hsiao-hsien, Melvin van Peebles
1998 HOU Hsiao-hsien, Melvin VAN PEEBLES
1988 - Melvin van Peebles
1988 Melvin VAN PEEBLES
1998 - Jia Zhang-ke, Melvin van Peebles
1998 - JIA Zhang-ke, Melvin VAN PEEBLES
1979 - Cinéma afro-américain
Rétrospective Cinéma afro-américain (avec notamment Melvin van Peebles et Charles Burnett)
1979_Presse Ocean_Van Peebles
1979 Presse Océan
1979 - Karina et Van Peebles
1979 Anna KARINA et Melvin VAN PEEBLES

Between the United States and France, Melvin Van Peebles, once an unrepentant jogger, has been going back and forth at his own pace since the 1960s. A contributor to Harakiri magazine and editor of Le Figaro, he made his first film in France and in 1968 (!) his first feature film La Permission.

Back to the United States, he made the trip to inaugurate the first Festival des 3 Continents in 1979, where he was president of the jury for an edition that was unprecedent at the time, since it was an original encounter with the European public for many Afro-American filmmakers. The director of the mythical, raging and caustic Sweet Sweetback’s Badasssss song regularly came back to visit the 3 Continents, to see films, to talk about cinema, to perform in concert, even showing off his hats and a smile that the public welcomed each time.

Melvin Van Peebles passed away on September 21, 2021 in New York. Melvil, The Big Heart (the title of his first novel) was one of us. He will remain so.


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