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NOVEMBER 15>23, 2024, Nantes - France

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Nantes 2021 | 21st Edition

Participant·es à l'atelier Produire au Sud Nantes 2021
Participant·es à l'atelier Produire au Sud Nantes 2021

  • CNC (Centre National du Cinéma)
  • Ville de Nantes
  • Institut d'Etudes Avancées (IEA)
  • La Plateforme
  • Fondation Le Damier
  • Lieu Unique
  • Film Development Council of the Philippines
  • Ambassade de France au Kenya
  • Ambassade de France au Brésil
  • Ambassade de France au Pakistan
  • Projeto Paradiso


– Opening of call for entries : April 6, 2021
– Deadline for submission : July 23, 2021
– Announcement of the selection : September 14, 2021
– Workshop dates (in presence in Nantes) : November 20-26, 2021
in the frame of the 20th anniversary of Produire au Sud (November 19-28, 2021)


The applications for next Nantes PAS workshop are actually closed.
The selection of 6 film projects will be announced September 14, 2021.

Selected Projects

BRAZIL | Seaside Avenue – Avenida Beira-mar

directed by Maju DE PAIVA
produced by Paula GARCIA (Elo Company)

NEPAL | Dream of a Butterfly – Putali ko Sapana

directed by Kiran POKHAREL
produced by Sushant SHRESTHA (Resonating Pictures)

PAKISTAN | Haven of Hope (ex-Inside out – Panah Khana)

directed by Seemab GUL
produced by Abid MERCHANT (Sanat Initiative)

PHILIPPINES | Spider Boys  (ex-The Boy and the Fight of Spiders – Diwalwal)

directed by Jarell SERENCIO
produced by Alexandra Maria POBLETE (Los Otros)

SOUTH AFRICA & KENYA | The Day and Night of Brahma

directed by Sheetal MAGAN
produced by Carol KIOKO (Lemon Slice productions)

ZIMBABWE | Come Sunrise, We Shall Rule

directed by Nyasha KADANDARA
produit par Bramwel IRO (LBx Africa)

Presentation of 2021 film projects


Claire Lajoumard, Acrobates Films, producer – France
Denis Vaslin, Volya Films, producer – France & The Netherlands
– Virginie Devesa, Alpha Violet, sale agent – France
– Gualberto Ferrari, script consultant – France & Argentina
– Joëlle Touma, script consultant – France & Lebanon
– Stefano Tealdi, Stefilms, pitching expert – Italy
– Boris Chapelle, sound engineer – France
– Pierre Huot, postproduction manager – France
– Thomas Pibarot, Le Pacte, sales agent – France


Institute for Advanced Study (IAS)

Since 2013, the Produire au Sud workshop takes place in the IAS. The Institute for Advanced Study provides an inspirational setting for intellectual innovation. The Institute’s mission to bring together internationally renowned scholars, writers and innovators from many different countries, working in many different disciplines. The scholars, temporarily freed from their normal professional obligations, have the opportunity to pursue their studies in a spectacular building overlooking the Loire River. They have the opportunity to work on their projects either individually or collectively.

The main objective of the Nantes Institute for Advanced Study is to create a new type of relationship between Western scholars and those from the rest of the world. By encouraging the latter to put forward their viewpoints we hope to achieve a true diversity of approaches to current problems posed by globalization.

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