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Nantes 2018 | 18th Edition

2018 Nantes Produire au Sud
2018 Nantes Produire au Sud
2018 Nantes Produire Au Sud group
2018 Nantes Produire Au Sud group


Today, Produire au Sud workshops are held not only in Nantes, France, but also in a host of other countries (this year: Taiwan, Morocco, South Africa, Israel, Thailand). They provide all of the participants with training content based on the notion of international coproduction and adapted to their cultural and political situations.
More than ever before, it is crucial for young producers and directors from all corners of the world to fully grasp the complexities involved in the challenge of international coproduction. Apart from knowing how to obtain financing in larger amounts and more easily, it represents above all a unique chance for them to mobilise international professional networks in contact with the decision-making centres of the world’s film industry: festivals, professional markets and platforms, and of course financiers and key decision-makers. This is why the work of the Nantes workshops is still as demanding and vital as ever.

With this fortieth edition of the 3 Continents Festival, it is all too clear that the Produire au Sud workshops have a unique role to play in the increasingly complex chess game of the film industry, both in Europe and internationally. As a professional platform with extremely modest means and a limited number of film projects selected each year (only 6 to 8), Produire au Sud has nonetheless remained since its creation in 2000 a world-class programme for young directors and producers from three continents. The excellence of the expertise provided is recognised and sought after due to the pertinence of its advice and its individualised support. The initial policy decision not to give priority to numbers (number of projects selected) or to the obligation for results (finished films) allows Produire au Sud to avoid the pitfall of project owners being submerged in the crowd and the profusion of commercial initiatives, and spurs ongoing and fine-grained innovation of workshop content. With this attention and guidance, many films have been “born” at Produire au Sud, meaning those identified and launched on their international adventure by the workshops, before meeting international success at Cannes, Berlin, Locarno, Rotterdam or Venice: The Wound (South Africa) at Nantes in 2013, Albüm (Turkey) at Nantes in 2012, La Familia (Venezuela) at Caracas in 2013, Manta Ray (Thailand) at Nantes in 2011, The Dive (Israel) at Sderot in 2016 or Nervous Translation (Philippines) at Bangkok in 2014…

For Produire au Sud, what matters is not to repeatedly take pride in having identified young talents or nascent films of a rare quality. In today’s digital age, who can honestly claim that they have discovered a new talent given that films can be seen by all festivals across the world at the same time? What matters more is our need to raise awareness and further operationalise with each passing year the reasons for the workshop’s appeal and the relevance of its training.

This year, six new film projects have joined the selective ranks of the Nantes-based workshop, from countries whose output is rarely seen: Mozambique, Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Colombia, Niger.
This 18th edition of Produire au Sud 2018 in Nantes has already proven a success as two films that passed through the workshop have been selected for the International Competition: Manta Ray (Thailand) by Phuttiphong Aroonpheng was at Nantes in 2011, and The Dive (Israël) by Yona Rozenkier at Sderot in 2016. Their journey is a return to their origins and forms a virtuous and ideal circle for the goals of accompaniment that Produire au Sud has set itself since 2000.

The traditional pitching sessions of the Produire au Sud workshop, open to the festival’s public, will take place at the Cinématographe on Friday 23 November beginning at 2 p.m.

Guillaume Mainguet
Head of Produire au Sud


– Workshop : November 19-25, 2018

selected Projects


directed by Mahde Hasan
produced by Rubaiyat Hossain et Aadnan Ahmed

COLOMBIA | The Agreement  – El Acuerdo

directed by César B. Burgos
produced by William Caicedo

INDONESIA | Crocodile Tears

directed by Tumpal Tampubolon
produced by Mandy Marahimin

MOZAMBIQUE | Picture Frame – Porta Retrato

directed by Orlando Mabasso Jr.
produced by Ciro Mondlane
partnership the Durban Film Mart

NEPAL | The Land of Ancestors – Simi Nasa

directed by Manoj Babu Panta
produced by Nawa Nidhi Dahal

NIGER & MALI | Zinder

directed by Aicha Macky
produced by Ousmane Samassekou


– Claire Lajoumard, Acrobates Films, producer – France
– Denis Vaslin, Volya Films, producer – France & The Netherlands
– Gualberto Ferrari, script consultant – Argentina
– Joëlle Touma, script consultant – France & Lebanon
– Thomas Pibarot, sale agent – France
– Hédi Zardi, sale agent – France
– Stefano Tealdi, Stefilms, pitch expert – Italy
– Boris Chapelle, sound engineer – France


Since 2013, the Produire au Sud workshop takes place in the IAS. The Institute for Advanced Study provides an inspirational setting for intellectual innovation. The Institute’s mission to bring together internationally renowned scholars, writers and innovators from many different countries, working in many different disciplines. The scholars, temporarily freed from their normal professional obligations, have the opportunity to pursue their studies in a spectacular building overlooking the Loire River. They have the opportunity to work on their projects either individually or collectively.

The main objective of the Nantes Institute for Advanced Study is to create a new type of relationship between Western scholars and those from the rest of the world. By encouraging the latter to put forward their viewpoints we hope to achieve a true diversity of approaches to current problems posed by globalization.


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