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Agadir 2018 | 2nd Edition

2017 - Agadir Produire au Sud
Sonia Terrab and Fatim Bencherki (MAROKKIAT) talking with Ali Assafi
Nadia CHouieb and Abdallah Badis (MAYDOUM HAL) talking with Myriam Sassine
Akram Nemmassi and Hicham Elladdaqi (ISHQ) talking with Jihan El-Tahri
Mamounata Nikiema and Delphine Yerbanga (SUR LES TRACES DU PERE) talking with Denis Vaslin
Overview : Directors meeting
Overview - producers meeting

  • Ville d'Agadir
  • Ville de Nantes Métropole
  • Institut Français Maroc
  • International Media Support (Danemark)
  • AFAC (The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture)


– Workshop: June 19-23, 2018 in Agadir
– Follow-up workshop: November 5-8, 2018 in Tunis

Project selection

ALGERIA | Maydoum hal

directed by Nadia Chouieb
produced by Abdallah Badis (Cactusco Films)

BURKINA FASO | Sur les traces du père

directed by Delphine Yerbanga
produced by Mamounata Nikiema (Pilumpiku Production)

MOROCCO | Marokkiat – She Morocco

directed by Sonia Terrab
produced by Fatim Bencherki (Ali n’ productions – Jawjab)


directed by Hicham Elladdaqi
produced by Mohamed Akram Nemmassi (Bingo Films)

TUNISIA | Fouledh

directed by Abdallah Chamekh
produced by Mehdi Hmili (Yol Film House)

TUNISIA | Rien sur ma mère

directed by Latifa Doghri and Salem Trabelsi
produced by Salem Trabelsi (Machmoum productions)


– Estelle Robin-You Les Films du Balibari, producer – France
– Denis Vaslin Volya Films, producer – The Netherlands
– Myriam Sassine Abbout Production, producer – Lebanon
– Colette Loumède Office national du film du Canada, producer – Canada
– Henrik Underbierg Stray Dog Productions, producer – Norway
– Kristine Ann Skaret Stray Dog Productions, producer – Norway
– Jihan El-Tahri, director and script consultant – Egypt
– Ali Essafi, director and script consultant – Morocco
– Stefano Tealdi Stefilm, producer and pitch expert – Italy
– Guillaume Thoulon SCAM, legal expert – France
– Mohamed Siam, director – Egypt

Follow-up worshop

Projects promoters from Agadir workshop has been accompanied 5 months after their first experience in Agadir. They will be invited to take part of a second step-workshop in the frame of the Carthage Film Festival’s professional days “Carthage Pro” in partnership with JCC (Carthage Film Festival) and CNCI.

Participants will find again some of the speakers involved in Agadir for complementary individualized meetings such as:

– Ali Essafi, director and script consultant – Morocco
– Estelle Robin-You Les Films du Balibari, producer – France
– Jihan El-Tahri, director and script consultant – Egypt

and will be proposed to meet and talk with new professionals:
Nathan Fischer (Stray Dogs), head of acquisitions, sale agent – France
– Boris Chapelle, sound engineer – France


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