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46th edition
NOVEMBER 15>24, 2024, Nantes - France

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2020 Agadir Produire au Sud
2020 Agadir Produire au Sud
2019 - Agadir Produire au Sud
2019 - Agadir Produire au Sud
2017 - Agadir Produire au Sud
2017 - Agadir Produire au Sud
2017 Agadir Produire au Sud
2017 Agadir Produire au Sud

  • Ville d'Agadir
  • Ville de Nantes Métropole
  • Institut Français Maroc

Since 2008, the Agadir International Documentary Film Festival (FIDADOC) has always affirmed its professional vocation in line with the wishes of its founder, the producer Nouzha Drissi, to contribute to the resurgence of Moroccan documentary films. In 2012, FIDADOC pedagogical activities have been gathered within the « Ruche Documentaire » (documentary incubator), designed to favour the emergence of a network of independent professionals at the national and international level.

This « Documentary Incubator  » claims for its pan-african and pan-arabian professional vocation by inviting sub-saharauthors in the framework of a writing residency organized each fall by developing reinforced collaborations with african counterparts: the coproduction platform  Ouaga Film Lab (Burkina Faso), the Beyrouth Coproduction Platform and the AFAC Fund (Lebanon), the Lab of the Bejaïa Film Festival (Algeria) , the Durban FilmMart (South Africa).

agadir PRODUIRE AU SUD workshop 

In 2017, in the aim of increasing its professional and international impact, FIDADOC has vreated in collaboration with Festival of 3 Continents (Nantes – France)a Produire au Sud workshop which ambition is for participants to gain knowledge of the techniques and tools of international film coproduction through a logic of individual assistance to projects in the development stage, to help them master the issues at stake in international coproduction and the international market and to lay sustainable foundations of film cooperation between European professionals and professionals from the countries of the South.

Training staff will be composed by producers, distributors, international sales people, scriptwriters, chosen from among the experts and consultants familiar with Produire au Sud.

This initiative is supported by both municipalities of Agadir and Nantes in the frame of their cooperation agreements launched 25 years ago, the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC, Liban), International Media Support (IMS, Danemark), French Embassy et French Institute in Morocco, French Institute in Agadir, and all other supports that help participants to reach Agadir (French Institutes network in Africa, North Africa among others).

accompanying of a regional dynamics

For its fourth edition, Agadir Produire au Sud wants to claim its multi-identity faces – african, arabian and mediterranean, by widening its call for entries: all film projects holders coming from a country that belongs to the AFIC (Arab Film Institutes Commission – 7 arabic countries), SENTOO program (gathering 6 subsaharian countries and two from North-Africa) and the Documentary Africa funds (DocA). This could eventually provide a necessary working tool to enhance regional collaboration through real co-productions South/South. This is also an aim that FIDADOC is trying to keep up by offering the regional professional networks a platform for exchanges and co-productions at a crossroads of Africa, Arabian world, and euro-mediterranean area.

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