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Ali Badrakhan

25/04/1946 (Le Caire)

Born in Cairo in 1946. After studying directing at the Higher Institute of Cinema, he did an internship in Italy in 1968 in the studios of Cinecita.
Assistant on 17 films between 1963 and 1970, including The People and the Nile, The Choice, The Sparrow by Youssef Chahine, The Eloquent Peasant by Chady Abdel Salam.
He shot his first feature film in 1973 El hob alaz Kan, followed by El Karnak (1975), El mobarah el dawlia (1976), Chayelni wa achayelak (1977), Chafika and Metwally (1978), Ahl elkema 1981, El Gouaa 1986, Al raei wal nessaa 1991. He has also directed several documentaries.

Ali Badrakhan

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