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Winter Soldier
(Winter Soldier)

Winter Soldier 3

For four days, some hundred Vietnam veterans give testimonies on the war and the actions that they had participated in and witnessed, that they had adhered to. One by one, they all plead guilty to ever more crimes and tortures perpetrated by the US army in its fight against Communism. Inimitable, Winter Soldier is a statement film propelled by young war criminals whose stories document the impossible images of how this war to the death was put into practice. Here, Vietnam – the starting point for a world struggle – is unravelled in the intimacy of its crimes, in the cold, precise and irredeemable words of these men who, by deciding to speak out, give voice to their opposition and sometimes perhaps their survival.

Catherine Hass

  • Titre français
    Winter Soldier
  • Original title
    Winter Soldier
  • Titre international
    Winter Soldier
  • Photo
    Fred Aronow, Robert Fiore, David Gillis, David Grubin, Jeff Holstein, Michael Lesser
  • Montage
    Nancy Baker, Rhetta Barron, Barbara Jarvis, Barbara Kopple, Lucy Massie Phenix, Benay Rubinstein, Michaël Weill
  • Production
    Winterfilm Collective, Vietnam Veterans Against the War
  • Distribution
    Vidéo-Paradoxe :
  • Support de projection
  • Sous-titrage
  • Ratio

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