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One out of two
(Una de dos)

by Alejo Hernan TAUBE


December 2001, during the economic crisis in Argentina. Around a train station that is no longer in use, there is a small town, 80 km from Buenos Aires, where Martin “the blonde” lives. In a country always drowning, the inhabitants try to overcome their despair. When urgency gives no rest for what is important, some believe that to stay safe is the only choice. Where can this guy, born on the other side of the railway, run ?

  • Titre français
    Une sur deux
  • Original title
    Una de dos
  • Titre international
    One out of two
  • Scénario
    Alejo Hernán Taube
  • Photo
    Segundo Cerrato
  • Son
    Alejandro Alonso, Ricardo Sotoska, J. Stavropulos
  • Musique
    Mariano Pini y Andrés Clotta

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