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46th edition
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The Naked Angel
(El angel desnudo)

by Christine DABAGUE

To save her father crippled with gambling debts, a teenage girl poses naked for a sculptor. Earlier she had talked to her boyfriend as she knew the sculptor would want more than just using her body as a model. When the sculptor attempts to kiss her, she kills herself. The passing years are no help in soothing the father’s sorrow. When the sculptor receives an award for his work based on the young girl’s body, he kills the artist.

  • Titre français
    L’ange nu
  • Original title
    El angel desnudo
  • Titre international
    The Naked Angel
  • Scénario
    idée originale et dialogues de César Tiempo d'après le roman d'Athur Schnitzler LA DEMOISELLE ELSA
  • Photo
    Alfredo Traverso
  • Montage
    Antonio Rampoldi
  • Son
    Leopoldo Orzali
  • Musique
    George Andreani
  • Interprétation
    Olga Zubarry, Carlos Cores, Guillermo Battaglia, Eduardo Cuitino, Agustin Orrequia, Fedel Despres, Cirilo Etulain, José de Angelis, Cecilia de la Vega, Gustavo Cavero, Julio Portela
  • Production
    Lumiton César José Guerrico

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