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A Family Among Others
(Una familia de tantas)

by Alejandro GALINDO

Don Rodrigo Castano’s “peaceful” home is turned into chaos when his daughter Maru lets a vacuum-cleaner salesman in.  Not content with selling his goods, the young man also seduces fifteen-year-old Maru who dares to reveal her affair with Roberto. The other and older children also have their share of problems, but they fear Don Rodrigo’s wrath. Roberto promises to marry Maru. She agrees to it, aware that he is a poor man and in spite of her father’s disapproval. She leaves the house with her mother’s blessings. Unhappy in her own marriage, her mother feels sorry for her daughter. 

  • Titre français
    Une famille parmi d’autres
  • Original title
    Una familia de tantas
  • Titre international
    A Family Among Others
  • Scénario
    Alejandro Galindo
  • Photo
    José Ortiz Ramos
  • Son
    Luis Fernandez
  • Musique
    Raul Lavista
  • Interprétation
    Fernando Soler, Martha Roth, David Silva, Eugenia Galindo, Felipe de Alba, Isabel del Puerto, Aima Délia Fuentes, Manuel de la Vega
  • Production
    César Santos Galindo, Producciones Azteca

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