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One Evening in July
(Un soir de juillet)

by Raja AMARI

un soir de juillet

Old Saida is called when there are weddings to enhance the beauty of brides with henna, massage and make-up on the wedding day. But Miriam is not a girl like the others and she refuses Saida’s treatment. Even if hers is not an arranged wedding, Miriam is afraid and does not feel ready to take this step. The feelings of the young woman bring back to Saida the memories of her youth and the drama of marriage to a man who was twice her age. Between the two women arises a strong feeling of solidarity.

  • Titre français
    Un soir de juillet
  • Original title
    Un soir de juillet
  • Titre international
    One Evening in July
  • Scénario
    Raja Amari
  • Photo
    Aurelien Devaux
  • Montage
    Nadia Ben Rachid
  • Son
    Ludovic Escalier
  • Interprétation
    Hend Sabri, Baya Zarouk, Wassila Baccar, Alya Azzouz
  • Sous-titrage

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