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The Search
(Xunzhao zhimei gengdeng)

by Pema TSEDEN

The Search

A film director is accompanied by his friend and a business owner, who serves as a guide, to find an actor and actress to play the roles of Prince Drimé Kunden and Princess Mande Zangmo. In a village known for its Tibetan opera performance, the director finds a girl, an ideal candidate for the role of princess. Her melodious voice touches everyone. However, she decides to take the role only on the condition that the director and his friend find her ex-boyfriend, who had previously acted as the prince along with her. The director consents to her wish. On the way to find her ex-boyfriend, the business owner narrates his touching love story as a young man. Throughout their search, the story gradually draws in both the director and the girl with the covered face. The initial simple search for an acting cast eventually becomes a complex inner and outer search for existential and spiritual meaning. Finally, although they find the girl’s ex-boyfriend, her face is still not revealed.


  • Titre français
    The Search
  • Original title
    Xunzhao zhimei gengdeng
  • Titre international
    The Search
  • Scénario
    Pema Tseden
  • Photo
    Sonthar Gyal
  • Son
    Dukrar Tserang
  • Interprétation
    Manla Kyab, Tsondrey, Lumo Tso, Dobe Dorje, Dromla Gyab
  • Production
    Himalaya Audio & Visuel Culture Communication CO, Ltd. Beijing haidianqu mingguangbeili district
  • Ventes internationales,
  • Support de projection
  • Sous-titrage

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