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The Aquarium
(Genenet al asmak)


The Aquarium

Winter in Cairo. Laila is a radio speaker. Her program « Night Secrets » is successful among people who want to know about the love lives of others without revealing their own. Youssef is an anaesthesiologist. He likes to listen to his patients in their delirium. His father is dying of cancer. At night, Youssef works in a seedy abortion clinic. Laila and Youssef don’t know each other. Both hide behind other people’s secrets.

Jérôme Baron

  • Titre français
    The Aquarium
  • Original title
    Genenet al asmak
  • Scénario
    Yousri Nasrallah, Nasser Abdel Rahman
  • Photo
    Samir Bahsan
  • Montage
    Mona Rabi
  • Son
    Ibrahim El Dessouki, Boris Chapelle, Cyrille Richard, Christophe Vingtrinier
  • Musique
    Tamer Karawan
  • Interprétation
    Hend Sabry, Amr Waked, Gamil Rateb, Bassem Samra, Ahmed El Fichawy, Dorra Zarouk, Menha El Batraoui, Tamim Abdou
  • Production
    Misr International Films, Archipel 33, Pandora Film

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