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Tel Aviv on Fire
(Tel Aviv on Fire)

by Sameh ZOABI


The films that focus their attention on the still unresolved Israeli-Palestinian conflict are often taken to task for their pro-Israeli or pro-Palestinian position. Given the situation, comedies are rare and risky even though Palestinian filmmakers frequently display a devastating sense of black humour. This popular genre was nonetheless the choice for Sameh Zoabi’s film. Born in the village of Iksal, near Nazareth, capital of northern
Israel but also of the State’s Arab citizens, Zoabi takes the conflict of viewpoints as his raw material. He plays on reversing them through a seemingly anecdotal script-writing device. The satire is set on the borders of Jerusalem, where Salam lives. Each day, he goes to work on the other side of the wall as a translator-coach on the shoot of a highly successful soap opera called Tel Aviv on Fire. He is far from imaging the absurd story his own life will become when, at the check point, he meets Assi, an Israeli army officer whose wife is a big fan of the TV programme… AR

  • Titre français
    Tel Aviv on Fire
  • Original title
    Tel Aviv on Fire
  • Titre international
    Tel Aviv on Fire
  • Scénario
    Dan Kleinman Et Sameh Zoabi
  • Photo
    Laurent Brunet
  • Musique
    André Dziezuk
  • Production
    Samsa Film, Bernard Michaux TS Productions, Miléna Poylo & Gilles Sacuto Lama Films, Amir Harel Artémis Productions, Patrick Quinet
  • Distribution
    Haut et Court Distribution :
  • Support de projection
  • Sous-titrage

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