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Tania, the Beautiful Wild Girl
(Tania, la bella salvaje)

by Juan OROL

On the exotic island of Kanan, the beautiful and savage Tania spends ber days hitting her bongo players and dancing for little money. Rolando, a famous film producer on holidays, falls in love with her and takes her back to Mexico to “educate” her and turn her into a great star. Tania soon meets with success. Dumbfounded by such luck, she becomes Eduardo’s lover (Eduardo is a friend of the couple’s). Later, she goes a way with Eduardo, leaving behind a broken-hearted Rolando. However, success bas left Tania who soon turns to vice. In the meantime, Rolando has discovered a new star: Fedora, the usherette who had always been in love with him. They get married and live happily together. One day, they meet Tania in an underground cabaret : she is drunk and very ill. Eduardo has left her. A repentant Tania dies in Rolando’s arms.

  • Titre français
    Tania, la bella salvaje
  • Original title
    Tania, la bella salvaje
  • Titre international
    Tania, the Beautiful Wild Girl
  • Scénario
    Juan Orol
  • Photo
    Domingo Carrillo
  • Montage
    Juan José Marino
  • Musique
    Antonio Rosado, Armando Valdespi
  • Interprétation
    Rosa Carmina, Manuel Arvide, Enrique Zambeano, Juanita Riverôn, Kiko Mendive, Juan Pulido, Mario Jarero, Carlos Pastor, Mario Casanueva
  • Production
    España Sono-films de Mexico

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