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If my Fields could speak
(Si mis campos hablaran )

by José BOHR

A group of German immigrants goes in search of new land and arrives in the beautiful southern regions of Chile. The leader of the new settlers is Don Guillermo. He is accompanied by his son and his wife Maria who is expecting their second child. The settlers continue towards the forest to settle, but Maria dies giving birth to a son. A few months later, Don Guillermo leaves to discover the forest to find a place that will suit them better, but he gets lost in the immensity of the forest and never returns. His two sons raise themselves alone and have opposite characters. The elder son, born in Europe, loves the land and his adopted country, while the other, born in Chile, leads a life of debauchery and has a love affair with Andrea, the daughter of a colonist. She gives him a son, Andrea meets the older brother and begins a true love story. They form a happy family. Thanks to his love for the land and his hard work he gains a privileged place in his community. A few years later, the younger brother returns and finds his son who is now 12 years old. He immediately disappears, leaving the echoes of his own failure.

  • Titre français
    Si mis campos hablaran
  • Original title
    Si mis campos hablaran
  • Titre international
    If my Fields could speak
  • Scénario
    Francisco Coldane
  • Photo
    Ricardo Younis et Andres Martorell
  • Interprétation
    Roberto Parada, Armando Bo, Humberto Onetto, Chela Bon, Ester Sore, José Bohr
  • Directeur de production
    José Bohr
  • Sous-titrage

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