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Septet: The Story of Hong Kong
(Qi ren yue dui)


In the beginning, Johnnie To – who was worried about the shutting down of the last lab to process film stock in Hong Kong – had imagined a story for which each of his generation’s filmmakers would make a part. A way of locally and melancholically recognising an era of film that they were the last to represent. The project evolved to become this omnibus film and a tribute paid by the seven Hong Kong New Wave filmmakers to a city that remains one of their films’ main characters. JB

  • Titre français
    Septet : Hong Kong Stories
  • Original title
    Qi ren yue dui
  • Titre international
    Septet: The Story of Hong Kong
  • Photo
    Julian CHENG, Man Lung CHOI
  • Production
    Media Asia Film Production Ltd, China Film Media Asia, Milky Way Image Company, Star Alliance Movies, A True Film & Culture Development Beijing
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