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Red Satin
(Satin rouge)

by Raja AMARI

satin rouge

Lilia, to everyone, is a good housewife and attentive mother. She lives in Tunis with her daughter Selma, a teenager whom she has been bringing up alone since her husband’s death. To protect her daughter who is having an affair with Chokri, a musician, she goes to the cabaret. A new world opens to her: both attractive and worrying, the world of night, of dancing and pleasure. She cannot help herself from going back and becomes a dancer in the cabaret. Through dancing, she rediscovers her desires lying under years of duty. She is torn between the housewife and mother she no longer feels to be and the “femme fatale” she has not become yet.

  • Titre français
    Satin rouge
  • Original title
    Satin rouge
  • Titre international
    Red Satin
  • Scénario
    Raja Amari
  • Photo
    Diane Baratier
  • Montage
    Pauline Dairou
  • Son
    Frédéric De Ravignan
  • Musique
    Nawfel El Manaa
  • Interprétation
    Hiam Abbass, Hend El-Fahem, Maher Kamoun, Monia Hichri, Faouzia Badr, Nadra Lamloum, Abou Moez El-Fazaa, Salah Miled
  • Décors
    Kaïs Rostom

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