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Dirty Affair
(Gumapang ka sa lusak)

by Lino BROCKA

Jonathan dreams of becoming a pilot. He joins Eric’s gang hoping he will support him in funding his studies. But his mother thinks he is treated like a servant by the rich brats. In a disco, Jonathan meets Rachel, a starlet and mistress of a powerful mayor, Edmundo Guatlo, who supports her and her family. Guatlo is so jealous that he stops Rachel from making films and has her tailed by Falcon, his right-hand man. One night, Rachel’s date is messed up by Falcon’s men. Jonathan helps her get away. This is the beginning of their friendship. The elections are coming up and, prompted by his wife who wants him to project a moral image Guatlo asks Rachel to keep low profile. In exchange Rachel wants to release of Levy her boyfriend. Guatlo agrees but wants to use Levy to kill his political opponent, Tuazon. Guatlo will eventually be exposed by Rachel, after a series of bloody events…

  • Titre français
    Sale affaire
  • Original title
    Gumapang ka sa lusak
  • Titre international
    Dirty Affair
  • Scénario
    Ricardo Lee
  • Photo
    Pedro Manding Jr.
  • Montage
    George Jarlego
  • Son
    Rolly Ruta
  • Musique
    Nonong Buencamino
  • Interprétation
    Dina Bonnevie, Christopher de Leon, Allan Paule, Eddie Garcia, Charo Santos, Bembol Roco, Perla Bautista, Ernie Zarate, Anita Linda, William Lorenzo
  • Production
    Viva Films

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