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19>28 november 2021, Nantes

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S21, la machine de mort khmère rouge
(S21, la machine de mort khmère rouge)

by Rithy PANH


For several years now Cambodgian society has been stirred up by the possibility that those responsible for the Khmer Rouge genocide could be brought to trial. This is the context in which Rithy Panh has undertaken a film project based on confronting the memories of victims who managed to escape with those of their former torturers. He has constructed an investigation to find the people involved, and to persuade them to meet at Tuol Sleng, the torture centre in Phnom Penh where some of them were plunged into horrifying everyday reality, and others served the machinery of programmed dehumanisation and extermination.

  • Titre français
    S21, la machine de mort khmère rouge
  • Original title
    S21, la machine de mort khmère rouge
  • Titre international
    S21, the Khmer Rouge Death Machine
  • Scénario
    Rithy Panh
  • Photo
    Prum Mesar, ithy Panh
  • Montage
    Isabelle Roudy, Marie-Christine Rougerie
  • Musique
    Marc Mader
  • Sous-titrage

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