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46th edition
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Oh the Days!
(Alyam, alyam)


Following his father’s death, Abdelwahad, a young man, bas to act as head of the family. His presence is crucial to the family unit, especially as he has to provide for his seven brothers. Hlima, his mother and a woman of exemplary strength and nature, also fully plays her role. When Abdelwahad tells her about his weariness and his desire to go and work in France, she talks him out of it. He cannot stand the life of young people in the countryside any longer. He refuses to be poor and without a future and applies for a work permit in France. A distant relative already settled in France keeps him regularly informed and reassures him: his papers will be ready any day now.
Abdelwahad dreams of abundance and is confronted by tradition. Long discussions with his mother and grandfather do not make him change his mind…

  • Titre français
    Des jours et des jours
  • Original title
    Alyam, alyam
  • Titre international
    Oh the Days!
  • Scénario
    Ahmed El Maanouni
  • Photo
    Ahmed El Maanouni
  • Montage
    Martine Chicot
  • Son
    Ricardo Castro
  • Musique
  • Interprétation
    Les habitants de Toualaa, près de Casablanca, en particulier Abdelwahab Ben Abdelkrim et sa famille
  • Production
    Centre cinématographique Marocain
  • Support de projection
    35 mm
  • Sous-titrage

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