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My Family’s Pizza

by Ronen ALMAR

My Familys Pizza1

Maksim, a pizza wizard addicted to sleep, asks his parents to help him buy a pizza place he co-owns. As soon as he becomes the sole owner, his parents realize they will have to invest in it a whole lot more than just the money. Soon enough the father becomes a delivery boy and the mother- takes on the kitchen work. At 5 am the father runs off to work in Ramat Gan. At 9 the mother starts taking delivery of the pizza goods. All daylong she is going to try to wakeup Maxime so that he can open his pizza place. Between taking care of the family, working, and the day-to-day pizza place maintenance, the maxim’s parents start asking themselves if being a parent is a lifelong job ?

  • Titre français
    My Family’s Pizza
  • Scénario
    Ronen Amar / Lior Dustri
  • Photo
    Ronen Amar / Lior Dustri
  • Montage
    Ronen Amar / Lior Dustri
  • Son
    Tomer Biran
  • Musique
    Avi Vaknin
  • Producteur délégué
    Ronen Amar / Lior Dustri

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