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Bitter Sea
(Amargo Mar)

by Antonio EGUINO

Manuel Davalos, an engineer from La Paz, is called upon for an official mission for Bolivian Governement during the Pacific War (1879). Upon his return from the Bolivian coast, Davalos gives General Daza, the président of Bolivia, all the military information. Davalos then returns to Tarija, his birthplace, where he falls in love with the beautiful Alcira. Shortly after, the chilian forces invade the Bolivian seaport at Antofagasta. Davalos enlists with the regiment of his village and Alcira follows

  • Titre français
    Mer amère
  • Original title
    Amargo Mar
  • Titre international
    Bitter Sea
  • Scénario
    Antonio Eguino, Oscar Soria
  • Photo
    Antonio Eguino, Armando Urioste
  • Musique
    Alberto Villapando
  • Interprétation
    Orlando Sacha, Edgar Vargas, Eddy Bravo, German Calderon, Enriqueta Ulloa, Alfredo Ribera
  • Production
    Productora Ukamau

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