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In The Realm Of The Senses
(Ai no corrida)

by Nagisa OSHIMA

l'empire des sens

Based on a true story set in pre-war Japan, a man and one of his servants begin a torrid affair. Their desire becomes a sexual obsession so strong that to intensify their ardor, they forsake all, even life itself.

  • Titre français
    L’empire des sens
  • Original title
    Ai no corrida
  • Titre international
    In The Realm Of The Senses
  • Scénario
    Nagisa Oshima et Jean-Claude Carrière
  • Photo
    Hideo Ito
  • Son
    Tetsuo Yasuda
  • Musique
    Minoru Miki
  • Interprétation
    Matsuda Eiko, Fuji Tatsuya, Seri Meiko

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