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Maya Memsaab
(Maya Memsaab)

by Ketan MEHTA

Once upon a time, Maya, a young, beautiful, enigmatic woman. One day, her father falls down and breaks his leg. A young doctor who comes to treat her father enters the house, her dreams, her life. They get married. Initially, the excitement of starting a new life, redecorating the house, discovering togetherness, gives her a feeling of euphoria. But gradually the monotony of married life starts asserting itself. The reality suffocates her and her dreams drive her mad. Her search for fulfillment leads her simultaneously in two directions – outwards, towards extra-marital relationships with other men and inwards, towards hyper-real fantasies of romance and passion. Her extra-marital relationships, at first platonic and then passionate, finally pathetically possessive, soon make her aware that adultery can become as banal as mariage. The more she gets disillusioned with the real life experiences the more she indulges herself in her fantasies. And she keeps chasing these self created mirages till her tragic, comic, heroic, magical end.

  • Titre français
    Maya Memsaab
  • Original title
    Maya Memsaab
  • Titre international
    Maya Memsaab
  • Scénario
    Sitanshu Yashashchandra, Ketan Mehta d'après le roman de Gustave Flaubert "Madame Bovary"
  • Photo
    Anoop Jyotwani
  • Montage
    Renu Saluja
  • Son
    Rajat Dholakia
  • Musique
    Hridaynath Mangeshkar
  • Interprétation
    Deepa Sahi, Farooque Sheikh, Raj Babbar, Shah Rukh Khan, Satyadev Dubey, Shrivallabh Vyas, Dr Shree Ram Lagoo, Sudha Shivpuri
  • Production
    Ketan Mehta Films PVT.

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