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Mariana Mariana
(Mariana Mariana)

by Alberto ISAAC

Walking down a tree-lined lane in the quiet town of his childhood, Carlos takes refuge in nostalgia and in the memories of a bygone era during which he felt that fragile and weak feeling called love for the first time. As a child, Carlos is the intimate friend of Jimmy, the presumed son of a powerful politician and his mistress, the beautiful Mariana. Carlos is madly in love with her until the day when Jimmy invites him for dinner in his house, where Carlos steals a photo of Mariana. Unable to repress his precocious passion, he escapes from school to meet Mariana and confesses his love to her. The woman understands him and treats him with great common sense. Yet his absence from school leads Carlos’s parents to discover his affair. They register him with another school, entrust him with a priest and a psychologist, and reprimand him harder than his older brother, when they find him in the maid’s bedroom.

  • Titre français
    Mariana Mariana
  • Original title
    Mariana Mariana
  • Titre international
    Mariana Mariana
  • Scénario
    Vincente Lenero
  • Photo
    Daniel Lopez
  • Musique
    Carlos Warman
  • Interprétation
    Pedro Armendariz Jr., Elisabeth Aguilar, Saby Kamalich, Aaron Hernan, Luis Mario Quiroz, Fernando Palavicini
  • Production
    Hector Lopez Lechuga, Alberto Isaac, Instituto mexicano de cinematografia, Consejo nacional de cinematografia

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