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Asphalt Tribe
(Macadam tribu)


Mike loves girls, Kapa loves boxing, Mike and Kapa are two brothers hanging around in the streets, the bars and boxing rooms of an exuberant and charming African city. Mike has just come out of prison because he had an affair with the cop’s wife. Kapa runs with Duka, the neighbourhood coach and pal. Mike is hired by the Boss, in the garage where Kapa works, but he spends more time watching girls than watching under car bonnet, so the Boss fires him with a crash. Mother Bavusi, Mike and Kapa’s mother, drinks a little, and dreams of getting on the market the seller’s place she once had when Father Bavusi was still here and she was respected. Late at night, Papa Sandu’s bar, Duka’s father, one can meet Pop, the intellectual marginal, Macho the gambler and his two wives and Giuseppe, the out-of-time Italian, Viva and Zara, the girls who hang around, Little, the boy with the thousands jobs, and sometimes Mother Bavusi who comes to find some human warmth. People comment the events of the two worlds, the street world, outside the bar, and the TV world. But one day, Duka decides to go back into the ring and fight against Kabeya, the big champion…

  • Titre français
    Macadam tribu
  • Original title
    Macadam tribu
  • Titre international
    Asphalt Tribe
  • Scénario
    José Laplaine
  • Photo
    Lionel Cousin
  • Montage
    Claire Pinheiro
  • Son
    Frédéric Pfohl
  • Musique
    Christian Polloni, Papa Wemba, Tito Puente
  • Interprétation
    Lydia Ewande, Hassane Kouyaté, Sidy Camara
  • Production
    Flamingo Films

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