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The Traitors
(Los traidores)

by Raymundo GLEYZER


The penultimate film of one of the greatest political filmmakers is, in fact, a fiction film that aims to reconstitute (and go further than fiction) the slow microphysical corruption of the trade union movement which had been linked with Peronism until it fell in 1955. The rising figure of Roberto Barrera, a worker who gradually became union leader before turning “traitor”, embodies the conceptual character of this reading of the unionist bureaucracy, which spans over twenty years of history and evokes its real craftsmen. The fluidity of the story, the documentary inserts and the metaphorical ending (whose only purpose is a practical call to action) are as remarkable as the perverse topicality of the scenario. RK

  • Titre français
    The Traitors
  • Original title
    Los traidores
  • Titre international
    The Traitors
  • Scénario
    Victor PRONCET, Álvaro MELIÁN, Raymundo GLEYZER
  • Photo
  • Montage
    Oscar MONTAUTI
  • Son
  • Musique
    Victor PRONCET
  • Interprétation
    Victor PRONCET, Raúl FRAIRE, Susana LANTERI, Lautaro MURÚA, Walter SOUBRIÉ, Luis POLITTI, Alfonso SENATORE, Pachi ARMAS
  • Directeur de production
    William SUSMAN
  • Print
    Fernando Martín Peña :
  • Support de projection
    16 mm

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