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Shadows of Silence
(Vilal Al Samt)

by Abdallah AL-MOHEISSEN

les ombres

a group of intellectuals, politicians and scientists are gathered behind the closed doors of a scientifc research centre. these exceptional people are held prisoners and submitted to mental manipulations. they try to escape…

  • Titre français
    Les ombres du silence
  • Original title
    Vilal Al Samt
  • Titre international
    Shadows of Silence
  • Scénario
    ahmed rachedi, abdullah al-moheissen
  • Photo
    tarek ben abdal- lah
  • Montage
    Kahena attia
  • Son
    ali mehfche, Youcef rachedi
  • Musique
    Ziad rahbani
  • Interprétation
    abdelmohsen ennemr, mouna Wacef, fethi al-haddaoui, Ghassan messaoud, sid ahmed agoumi, raja farhat, farah b’sissou, Jamil awad, ihsen sadek
  • Sous-titrage

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