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The Ring Seller
(Biya El-Khawatin)

by Youssef CHAHINE

The moukhtar (head) of a Lebanese village convinces the villagers that a thief called Rajeh is on the prowl. Only his niece Rima knows he is lying. Two boys take advantage of the situation and do all sorts of bad things people soon blame the imaginary thief for. However, during the bachelor’s festival, an engagement ring seller arrives and pretends to be called Rajeh. As all the villagers are taken aback, the moukhtar is forced to tell the truth. He finally agrees to Rima marrying the ring seller’s son.

  • Titre français
    Le Vendeur de bagues
  • Original title
    Biya El-Khawatin
  • Titre international
    The Ring Seller
  • Scénario
    Les frères Rahbani, d'après leur opérette mise en scène pour le théâtre par Sabry Cherif
  • Photo
    André Domage
  • Montage
    Sabah Haddad
  • Son
    Stanley Khoury
  • Musique
    Les frères Rahbani
  • Interprétation
    Fayrouz, Youssef Azar, Nasry Chams El-Din, Youssef Nassif, Salwa Haddad, Elia Choueri, Pilmon Wahbeh, William Haswani, Hobba
  • Production
    Nader El-Attasy, Tannous Frangié pour Phenicia Films (Studios Asry Beyrouth)

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