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Le Spectre de Boko Haram

by Cyrielle RAINGOU


Since 2013, in the far north of Cameroon, the population has been living under the ever-present threat of violent attacks by the terror group, Boko Haram. The village of Kolofata carries still painful scars and daily life is unpredictable. But how can one bear witness to this situation without setting it on the side of pure horror? They are between four and eleven years old, boys and girls, from the same school or living in the same neighbourhood. Setting herself on the children’s side, Cyrielle Raingou deliberately chooses other gestures, other words, other ways of walking through life and also welcoming the patient presence of the camera. The day-to-day needs certainly continue to impose heavy restrictions on these youngsters, but they also reveal the strength of resilience, where Falta, Mohamed and Ibrahim are searching in their world for the place that life owes them. JB

French Premiere

  • Titre français
    Le Spectre de Boko Haram
  • Scénario
    Cyrielle RAINGOU
  • Photo
    Bertin FOTSO, Cyrielle RAINGOU
  • Montage
    Christine BOUTEILLER
  • Son
    Hervé GUEMETE, Hubert DOMKAM
  • Production
    Label Video, Tara Group, Kopa House International
  • Ventes internationales
    Festivals (hors France): Pascale Ramonda :
  • Support de projection
  • Sous-titrage

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