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The Red Women's Detachment
(Hongse Niangzijun)

by CHENG Jin

le détachement

Another version of the previous film with dances and songs. Wou Tsing-houa, a servant with a local despot, Nan the Tyrant, tries to escape. Caught by her master’s henchmen, she is left for dead in a clearing. Hong Tchang-tsing, a delegate of the Communist Party, finds her, helps her and shows her the way to the red region. Wou Tsing-houa enrols in the army while Hong Tchang-tsing decides to attack Nan the Tyrant on his estate.

  • Titre français
    Le Détachement féminin rouge
  • Original title
    Hongse Niangzijun
  • Titre international
    The Red Women's Detachment
  • Interprétation
    Compagnie du Ballet chinois

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