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Tale of the Three Jewels
(Hikayat Al-Jawaher Al-Thalatha)

by Michel KHLEIFI

Yussef, a twelve year-old Palestinian is a child of the Intifada : his father is in jail, his brother is wanted by the Israeli army. He lives with his mother and sister. Although his life is riddled with fights and repression, Yussef lives inside his own imaginary world, thus eluding life in the refugee camp, and fleeing in Gaza’s countryside.

One day, as he goes bird-hunting, he becomes the hero of a modem tale : Yussef falls in love with Aida, a young gipsy, leader of a gang of kids. To marry her, he must find the three lost diamonds from a family necklace brought bac from South America by the young girl’s grandfather. How will Yussef manage to leave Gaza for this distant continent ? His search for means of transport is embedded in the everyday life of the locals. It will lead him to death and resurrection, thanks to an old wise man who recites the enigmatic words of a mysterious parchment. After throwing the parchment in a desert well, Yussef will find the three diamonds, life and his philosophy…

  • Titre français
    Le Conte des trois dimants
  • Original title
    Hikayat Al-Jawaher Al-Thalatha
  • Titre international
    Tale of the Three Jewels
  • Scénario
    Michel Khleifi
  • Photo
    Raymond Fromont
  • Montage
    Ludo Troch, Marie Castro
  • Son
    Henri Morelle
  • Musique
    Abed Azarieh
  • Interprétation
    Mohammad Nahhal, Hanna' Ne'meh, Ghassan Abu Libda, Makram Khouri, Bushra Qaraman, Mohammad Bakri, Raida Adno
  • Production
    Sindibad Films
  • Support de projection
    35 mm

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