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Cairo as told by Youssef Chahine
(Al-qahira menauwwara bi Ahlaha)

by Youssef CHAHINE

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“I love Cairo. So deeply that when I’m asked the question “in what way”?, I find myself searching for words. The sweetest words of my existence, the most beautiful verses I know…” (Youssef Chahine)

Youssef Chahine strolls around the Egyptian capital, mixing reality and fiction.

  • Titre français
    Le Caire, raconté par Youssef Chahine
  • Original title
    Al-qahira menauwwara bi Ahlaha
  • Titre international
    Cairo as told by Youssef Chahine
  • Scénario
    Youssef Chahine, Sayed Aly
  • Photo
    Tarek El-Telmisany
  • Montage
    Rashida Abdel Salam
  • Son
    Dominique Hennequin
  • Interprétation
    Youssef Chahine, Khaled Nabawi, Bassem Samra
  • Production
    MISR International
  • Directeur artistique
    Sami Rafe
  • Ventes internationales
    MISR International
  • Distribution
  • Support de projection
    35 mm
  • Ratio

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