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The Strong Arm
(El brazo fuerte)

by Giovanni KORPORAAL

Agileo Barajas has just been appointed as foreman. To build the road he’s been commissioned to make, he goes to the village of Pitiliditiro where he falls in love with Nacha, the daughter of Avelino, the head of the village and owner of the “El brazo fuerte” store. He secretly exchanges love letters with her, helped by Flora. Meanwhile, the villagers make life hard for Agileo, in order to make him leave for good. But everything changes when Agileo receives an important letter from the government. It is suggested that he has regular, personal correspondence with the President of the Republic. He is appointed as “in charge of municipal improvements” and everybody becomes nice to him. He is even allowed to marry Nacha and becomes Avelino’s partner. After his father- in-law’s death, he inherits his fortune. Nacha performs a ritual to be able to have children and ends up giving birth to nine kids. People keep saying a lot of bad things about the new head of the village. Agileo gets out of the situation unharmed. 

  • Titre français
    Le Bras fort
  • Original title
    El brazo fuerte
  • Titre international
    The Strong Arm
  • Scénario
    Juan de la Cabada
  • Photo
    Walter Reuter
  • Montage
    Giovanni Korporaal
  • Musique
    Leonardo Velasquez
  • Interprétation
    Leandro Morett, Hermelinda Guerrero, Jorge Gonzalez, Roberto M. Soto, José Gutierrez, Manuel Rios, Maria Luisa, Ramos Blanca, Castillo Ledon, Giovanni Korporaal
  • Production
    Rebeca Salinas de Duff Reco Films

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