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La Pyramide humaine
(La Pyramide humaine)

by Jean ROUCH

La pyramide_humaine 2

At the French high school in Abidjan, black and white students lead markedly separate lives out of school hours. In The Human Pyramid, Jean Rouch dismantles with disturbing and playful clarity what at the time appeared to be an unshakeable colonial order. He makes his film into a place of experiment, a story that calls on politics as much as poetry, a story of friendship and love between blacks and whites and whites and blacks. Rouch creates two visions and mobilises the cinema vérité for the purposes of pure fiction, which in turn impacts reality and his characters’ destinies. The power of reality and fiction, the power of a cinema that stages the transition from Utopia to what is possible: “But who told you that Victor Hugo wasn’t African?”

Catherine Hass

  • Titre français
    La Pyramide humaine
  • Original title
    La Pyramide humaine
  • Photo
    Louis Miaille, Roger Morillière, Jean Rouch
  • Montage
    Geneviève Bastid, Marie-Josèphe Yoyotte
  • Son
    Michel Fano
  • Production
    Les Films de la Pléiade
  • Distribution
    Les Films du Jeudi :
  • Support de projection
    16 mm
  • Ratio

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