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The Night of the Iguana
(The Night of the Iguana)

by John HUSTON


After brutally accusing his flock of misconduct, Reverend T. Lawrence Shannon turns his anger against God. Fortunately, his blasphemy is expressed in the absence of his congregation, whom he had already thrown ont of the church. Shannon decides to leave the church forever. He tries to make a new life for himself as a guide for a travel agency and comes to Mexico accompanying a group of American school-teachers supervised by Miss Fellowes. Her supervise is necessary because the newly defrocked priest is pining away for Charlotte, an eighteen-year-old girl, who is not exactly shy. This romande episode comes to an end in a little hotel when Miss Fellowes comes upon Charlotte with the Reverend, who is fired on the spot. After numerous other incidents, Shannon, sick with a raging fever, comes to an inn run by his old friend, Maxine Faulk. He gets free room and board in exchange for bringing the group of teachers. Soon after, Hannah, a spinsterish young woman, arrives with her grandfather, Nonno.
Without Hannah’s efficient care, Shannon would have succumbed to the fever. A feeling close to love starts to develop between the two. Hannah has now become the rival of Maxine who secretly hopes to have Shannon for herself.

  • Titre français
    La Nuit de l’iguane
  • Original title
    The Night of the Iguana
  • Titre international
    The Night of the Iguana
  • Scénario
    Anthony Veiller et John Huston d'après un roman de Tennessee Williams
  • Photo
    Gabriel Figueroa
  • Montage
    Ralph Kemplen
  • Musique
    Benjamin Frankel
  • Interprétation
    Richard Burton, Ava Gardner, Deborah Kerr, Sue Lyon, James Ward
  • Production
    Ray Stark, Seven Arts
  • Support de projection
    35 mm

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