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The Mother of All Lies
(Kadib Abyad)

by Asmae EL MOUDIR


To unravel the web of family lies, the filmmaker reconstitutes the street of her Casablanca childhood with figurines. Traumatic events linked to the 1981 bread riots rise to the surface. Her reconstitution of the neighbourhood is only one point in a process documented by the film, which gathers together family members and friends in a filming location that becomes in itself a sort of experimental laboratory. This makes it possible to actually film in the flesh characters who gradually reveal themselves “around” this miniature set. Asmae El Moudir dizzyingly captures the story of these people through the mirror of their country’s history thanks to the porosity of her dispositive – a striking perspective of past wounds and present silence. FM


  • Titre français
    La Mère de tous les mensonges
  • Original title
    Kadib Abyad
  • Titre international
    The Mother of All Lies
  • Scénario
    Asmae EL MOUDIR
  • Photo
    Hatem NECHI
  • Montage
    Asmae EL MOUDIR
  • Son
    Abdelaziz GHASINE
  • Musique
  • Production
    Insightfilms, Fig Leaf Studio
  • Distribution
    Arizona Distribution :
  • Support de projection
  • Sous-titrage

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