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Light Drops
(O Gotejar da Luz)

by Fernando VENDRELL

A jeep rolls slowly across the marketplace in the centre of Maputo. Behind the wheel sits a middle-aged man named Rui Pedro, who seems quite unperturbed by the goings-on around him. He drives on through the town, leaving the suburbs behind him until he reaches a lonely road which penetrates further into the bush. Stopping at some burnt-out houses, he gets out and walks down to the river. As he looks out onto the water, his mind wanders back to his childhood…

14-year-old Rui is the son of Portuguese parents; he stands on the banks of the Pungue just as a ferry is ploughing its way majestically across the river. Rui Pedro goes over to the ferryman, an old African named Jacopo, and they exchange a warm greeting. Jacopo is more than just a friend to the boy — he is his African father’, for it was Jacopo who taught Rui Pedro to respect nature and African culture…

  • Titre français
    La Lenteur de la lumière
  • Original title
    O Gotejar da Luz
  • Titre international
    Light Drops
  • Scénario
    Leite de Vasconcelos d'après son roman
  • Photo
    Mario Masini
  • Montage
    José Nascimento
  • Musique
    Nuno Canavarro
  • Interprétation
    Luis Sarmento, Filipe Carvalho, Amaral Matos, Alexandra Antunes, Alberto Magassela, Marco de Almeida, Teresa Madruga, Antonio Fonseca, Carlos Gomes, Carla Bonito, Vitor Norte, Ana Magaia, Marenguele Mawhavi, Alfredo Ernesto
  • Production
  • Sous-titrage

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