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La Fiancée de l’ishan
(Avliyo qizi (ouzbek)/ Doch' sviatogo (russe))


la fiancée de l'ishan - copie

The film opens with shots of ruined mosque. Men and women make pilgrimages to Ishan Abdu Nabi (S. Khojaev). Among them are Tursun (R. Tura Khojaev) and his wife Hakima (Z. Shakirova) that is sterile. The Ishan sees Hakima’s face when her veil falls by accident, and he askes his disciples to invite him to treat the illness. Hakima is raped and gives birth to a daughter, Oiniso (L. Jalilova).


One day while she is near the river, the Ishan sees her face and wants to marry her. He goes to see Tursun. Hakima tries to stop this union and goes to see the Ishan, but his determination gives way to fear when she sees the Koran. The only way she sees to save her daughter is for her to run away with the Komsomol-s. She then organizes Oiniso’s departure, with her adopted brother. Tursun searches for her, without success. He seeks advice from the Ishan who suggests he should wipe out the disgrace with his wife’s blood. At night, Tursun decides to kill her, but she wakes up and runs out into the streets, waking up the neighbors. She confesses all her story and her rape by Abdu Nabi. The men set off to find him and judge him. Morning approaches and the muezzin calls the faithful to prayer: “God is great…” “There is no god but God.” Tursun then remembers Abdu Nabi and understands that religion is only a «lie».

This film made in 1931, of great formal mastery was achieved in support to the first big anti-religious campaign launched in the early 1930s and aims to eradicate the «beliefs of another age» and all forms of religious obscurantism.

  • Titre français
    La Fiancée de l’ishan
  • Original title
    Avliyo qizi (ouzbek)/ Doch' sviatogo (russe)
  • Musique
    Hamid Khezri
  • Interprétation
    S. Khojaev, R. Tura Khojaev, Z.Shakirova, L. Jalilova
  • Production
  • Ventes internationales
    Uzbekfilm :

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