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Benjamin's woman
(La Mujer de Benjamin)

by Carlos CARRERA

Seventeen-year-old Natividad is bored with her life at home and in her village. She spends her time between the tense relationship with her mother and a flirt with Leandro
and she dreams of travelling around the world.
Benjamin, fiftyish and fat, is considered to be the village fool. He lives under the heel of his sister Micaela. He is in love with Natividad and friends of his incite him to kidnap the young girl. Benjamin keeps Natividad in his home hoping to seduce her. The girl adapts to the situation and plays cannily with the power she has over the devoted Benjamin and Micaela’s secrets. As time goes on Natividad dominates the life of the home and the store owned by the siblings. Leandro’s sudden interference in the triangle unleashes a violent episode which determines the fate of Natividad and restores the image of Benjamin in the eyes of the villagers.

  • Titre français
    La femme de Benjamin
  • Original title
    La Mujer de Benjamin
  • Titre international
    Benjamin's woman
  • Scénario
    Carlos Carrera et Ignacio Ortiz
  • Photo
    Xavier Pérez Grobet
  • Montage
    Sigfrido Barjau et Oscar Figueroa
  • Musique
    José Amozurrutia et Alejandro Giacoman
  • Interprétation
    Eduardo Lopez Rojas, Malena Doria, Arcelia Ramirez, Eduardo Palomo, Ana Bertha Espin, Juan Carlos Colombo, Farnesio de Bernai, Ruben Marquez, Enrique Gardiel, Luis Ignacio Erazo
  • Production
    Centra de Capacitacion Cinematografica - Estudios Churubusco- Azteca - Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografia

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