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The Baroness Who Went Away
(A Baronesa Transviada)

by Watson MACEDO

A manicurist dreams of being a film star. At the same time, a dying baroness is still trying to find her daughter who was kidnapped as a child. A mole on her skin helps identify the manicurist who happens to be the baroness’s heiress, to the great despair of the family who were anxiously waiting for the baroness’s death. Attracted by her fortune, film producers come from all over, but the former manicurist refuses their argument sfor making a dramatic film and prefers a carnival film which is her ultimate achievement…

  • Titre français
    La Baronne dévoyée
  • Original title
    A Baronesa Transviada
  • Titre international
    The Baroness Who Went Away
  • Scénario
    Watson Macedo, Ismar Porto, Francisco Anisio
  • Photo
    Mario Pagés
  • Montage
    Mauro Alice
  • Musique
    Lirio Panicalli
  • Interprétation
    Dercy Gonçalves, Grande Otelo, Catalano, Badaro, Zaquia Jorge, Otelo Zelloni, Bill Farr, Aida Campos, Francisco Dantas, Rosa Sandrini, Lurdes Bergman, Domingos Terras, Armando Nascimento, Renato Consorte, Vicente Marchelli, Apolo Correia, Tiririca, Francisco Martorelli, Antonio Nobre, Lindberg Leite, Atila lorio
  • Production
    Watson Macedo, Oswaldo Massaini

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